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Excosul, Inc. dedicates to picking, transformation and commercialization of wild mushrooms, which are picked all over the country. For picking, the company disposes of duly equipped vehicles, such as refrigerated trucks, so that the transport of mushrooms is done with quality. After picking it, and already in our installations, it follows a rigorous selection and transformation of the product.

 Preservation .

The different phases of transformation are effectuated in accordance with the commercialization of the product. After all this process being finished, mushrooms are commercialized in the following forms:

      Fresh (duly packed and in boxes of 3Kg)
       In conserve

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Cantharellus cibarius
Origin: France, Spain, Portugal.
Season: Autumn, Winter and Spring.
Use: raw, stew or in sauce.
Cantharellus cibarius
Hydnum repandum
Origin: France, Spain, Portugal.
Season: Autumn and Winter.
Use: boiled, fried or in salads.
Hydnum repandum
Boletos Edulis
Origin: France and Portugal
Season: Autumn and Winter.
Use: With meat, fish, or in salads.
Boletos Edulis